The A-Z Top Electronics/Electricity Tutorials


1. AC Electronics

    -Best tutorial on all subjects related to AC electronics.


2. Basic Electronics (by John Adams)

    -Basic Electronics, Components, Tools, Electronics Links.


3.  Circuit Fantasia (by Cyril Mechkov)  (Flash Player 6 needed)

    -An innovative approach to learning Electronics by presenting different circuits and their

     applications and explaining their behavior along with the basic principles involved.

     Covers basic circuits, feedback in Op Amps and other basic principles.


4.  Electricity and Magnetism Interactive Java Tutorials (by Michael W. Davidson and FSU)

    -Java Applets for showing: Atomic Orbitals, Capacitance, Compact Disc Operation,

     Magnetic Fields, Electromagnetic Induction, AC and DC Generators, Hard Drive Operation,

     Condenser Microphone, Ohm's Law, Pulsed Magnets, Radio Receiver Tuning,

     Resistor Color Codes, Diffraction, Speaker Operation, RC Time Constant, Transformer

     Operation, Transistor Fabrication, Variable Capacitor and a few others.


5. Electricity and Magnetism (by C. R. Nave, Georgia State University)

    -Applications, Electric Circuits, Circuit Elements, Electric Charge, Magnetic Field,

     Lorentz Force Law, Electronics, Bioelectricity.


6. Electronics for Beginners and Intermediate Electronics (by Graham Knott)

    -DC Electronics, Digital, Test and Measurement, Components, Electronics Devices,

     Op Amps, AC Circuits.


7. Electronics Howstuffworks (by Howstuffworks)

    -An illustrative explanation on how different electronic devices work: Radio, LEDs,

     Electromagnets, Radar Detectors, Digital Cameras, DSL, Home Networking, HDTV,

     Floppy Disk Drives, IDE Controllers, Computer Keyboards, Amplifiers, Plasma Displays,

     Fax Machines and others.


8. Electronics Teacher

    -A Tutorial on electronics basics. Good coverage of the robotics area and also the 8051

    Microcontroller with examples.


9. Electronics Tutorials (by Ian Purdie)

    -Amateur Radio, Amp Design, Antennas, Basic Electronics, Basic Tools,

     Car Audio, Datasheets, Devices, Filters, Oscillators and others.


10. ePanorama (by Tomi Engdahl)

    -Basic Circuits, Measuring, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Basic Theory,

     Component Information, Electronics Design and Construction, Circuit Board Design.


11. Elementary Physics II (by the Physics and Astronomy Dept. at MSU)

    -Coulombs Law, Electric Field and Electric Potentials, Gauss' Law and Conductors,

     Capacitors, Resistors, Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Laws, RC Circuits, Magnetic Fields and

     Forces, Magnetic Materials and Induction, AC Circuits, Semiconductor Devices,

     Electromagnetic Waves, Optics, Optical Devices, Interference and Diffraction of Light.


12. Fundamentals of Electricity (by the Cipco Energy Library)

    -Electricity Delivery, Basic Concepts (DC Current, AC Current, Magnetism, Wire

     Characteristics, Electrical Standards), Circuit Types (Brief explanation), Aspects of

     Power Generation, Ohm's Law and Power Law.


13. History of the Transistor (A PBS Tutorial)

    -Summary of events leading to the development of the Transistor.


14. Iguanalabs Tutorials

    -Some Basic concepts, Ohm's law, Basic Components, Oscillators,

     Microcontroller Projects.


15. The Learning Pit (by Professor Bill at Durnham College, Ontario)

    -PLC and Software Simulators, Links to Electricity Basics, Links to Lessons

     in Electric Circuits, Other Tools.


16. Lessons in Electric Circuits (by Tony R. Kuphaldt)

    -DC, AC, Semiconductors, Digital, Experiments in Analog, Digital, AC and DC.


17. Naval Electrical Engineering Training Series

    -Matter, Energy and Electricity, AC and Transformers, Circuit Protection,

     Electrical Conductors, Wiring, Schematic Reading, Generators and Motors,

     Electronic Emission Tubes and Power, Solid State Devices and Power Supplies,

     Amplifiers, Wave Generations and Wave-Shaping Circuits, Transmission Lines

     and Antennas, Microwaves, Modulation, Magnetic Recording, Fiber Optics,

     Logic Circuits, Microelectronics, Synchros, Servos and Gyros, Test Equipment,

     RF Communications, Radar Principles.


18. Play-Hookey (by Ken Bigelow)

    -DC Electronics, Digital, Op Amps, Optics, Computer Basics, Semiconductors.


19. Properties of Electricity (NDT Resource Center)

    -Current Flow and Ohm's Law, Induction and Inductance, Circuits and Phase, Impedance,

     Resonant Circuits, Bridges, Conductivity, Coil Design.


20. Radio-Electronics (by Ian Purdie)

    -All different topics on Electronics Communications, also a few basics on Electronics Components.


21. Scots Guide to Electronics (by Jim Lesurf)

    -Components, Analog and Audio Electronics, Datasheets, Radio, Signals,

     Simple Circuits.


22. Techlearner (by Mario Solari)

    -Basic concepts of electronics such as DC and AC circuits, Communications and others.

     Links to electronics tutorials, datasheets, and circuits.


23. Virtual Oscilloscope (by Peter Debik, Technical University of Berlin)

    -A simulated Oscilloscope showing all different features of a standard Oscilloscope, the

     latest version requires Macromedia Shockwave and it displays sinusoidal waveforms.


24. Williamson Labs (by Glen Williamson)

    -Elementary Electricity, Intuitive Electronics, Links, Oscilloscopes, Components,

     Electronic Devices, Op Amps, Digital, Optics, Communicatios, RF, Filters, TV,

     Antennas, Radar, Cell Phones, Computers.